1 day 6 cities

1 Day 6 Cities

1DAY6CITIES is a global photography project that took place on the 11th November 2011 - 11.11.11, in London, Dubai, Shanghai, Auckland, San Francisco and São Paulo. Using word of mouth, email and social networks we put together an international team of photographers to create a unique twenty-four hour snapshot of this day across six very different cities around the globe. At exactly 00.00 Coordinated Universal Time (world time/GMT) photographers in each of these cities captured their first image in an event that saw photographs being taken every 30 seconds for the following 24 hours. The brief was for the photographers to shoot the most interesting thing happening in their city, at the time they had chosen to shoot. The cities were chosen because they are roughly an equal time difference apart meaning the films show the sun travelling around the earth through the course of the day. The edited films and stills can be seen here and exhibitions of the project are recorded on the blog.

Contact 1day6cities@gmail.com for further information.

We hope you enjoy the project, Daniel and Patrick.